Definition of conjure woman in English:

conjure woman

nounmasculine noun conjure man

US, West Indian
  • A sorceress, especially one who practices voodoo.

    ‘It takes place in the spacious, quiet home of an ancient conjure woman supposedly aged 285, who has the ability to heal people's souls.’
    • ‘The ghost, the conjure women, and the thrasher all mark moments in the text when characters can actively choose one epistemology over the other.’
    • ‘Some of the grown women in the film not only act as storytellers but also as conjure women whose psychic abilities can change developments and perceptions.’
    • ‘She ignores her advice and asks a local conjure woman, whose bayou shack seems untouched by 20 th-century American accoutrements, to arrange the death of her father.’
    • ‘The woman who closes this paragraph is a conjure woman; she conjures desire in her male listener (for the listener and the teller of her tale is male here).’
    • ‘He kept an old conjure woman among his palace staff…’
    • ‘Within the plot, she is important as a model of female strength for the character, a conjure woman and one of the novel's twin protagonists.’
    • ‘Even more than by planes, however, he is enchanted by his mother, an ‘evil conjure woman,’ drawing his own artistic power from the feminine.’
    • ‘Significantly, he is safe as the tree as long as he has her protection; when this conjure woman can no longer guard him, the tree is felled for lumber.’
    • ‘Back in the slave days, the conjure women used to say that the state's destiny was firmly fixed on an awful night long before, when stars fell on Alabama—in a huge, scarring meteoric shower.’
    • ‘Once before in his life, he had been crushed by a love that he could not understand, and his mother had procured some mojo from a conjure woman in New Orleans that had freed him.’
    • ‘She called silently to the conjure women who had lived before her, whose voices had hummed in her head since the day she was born.’


conjure woman

/ˈkänjər ˌwo͝omən/ /ˈkɑndʒər ˌwʊmən/ /kənˈjo͝or ˈwo͝omən/ /kənˈdʒʊr ˈwʊmən/