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  • The performance of tricks which are seemingly magical, typically involving sleight of hand.

    ‘a conjuring trick’
    • ‘That might sound improbable, but so are all conjuring tricks - that is the point of them.’
    • ‘I am always told, by those who purport to know, that there is a simple explanation for all conjuring tricks, but I think it is I who must be simple, because I continue to be completely stumped by all this sleight of hand.’
    • ‘Would such conjuring tricks give their writings more authority?’
    • ‘Magick should not be confused with magic, which is the art of conjuring and legerdemain.’
    • ‘‘Psychics’ who are honest about their deception call themselves mentalists and call their art magic or conjuring.’
    • ‘Contestants will be judged on their magical content and technique, general conjuring ability and their presentation, appearance and personality.’
    • ‘It's fun to learn magic tricks and be able to do close up conjuring, and it's also an interesting learning process.’
    • ‘There is every chance that he performed a little sleight of hand and other conjuring.’
    • ‘But some of the works have a softer edge, and these still-mysterious iconic works evoke a land of vaudevillian conjuring and a world of wonders.’
    • ‘For the parapsychologist, this should be considered a useful introduction to the workings of the mind of a creative thinker in the field of conjuring.’
    • ‘His close-up conjuring is undeniably impressive, inducing a level of astonishment among his guests that can be measured by the number of obscenity bleeps which pepper their incredulous reactions.’
    • ‘In fact, I think it is this admiration for contraptions - for tricky pieces of apparatus that do this when you push that - which often attracts people to the field of conjuring.’
    • ‘It shows that there is no unified front even within the field of conjuring and that personal biases can affect the theory and, therefore, the understanding of methods.’
    • ‘So there's absolutely no conviction that what was observed in the seance room is anything more than very clever conjuring.’
    • ‘Novices in the field of conjuring may be surprised at the diversity of ways one might misdirect attention.’
    magic, illusion, sleight of hand, legerdemain, dexterity, deception, hocus-pocus
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/ˈkänjəriNG/ /ˈkɑndʒərɪŋ/ /ˈkənjəriNG/ /ˈkəndʒərɪŋ/