Definition of conlang in English:



  • A language that has been artificially created; a constructed language.

    ‘these conlangs help us understand the essential components of a successful language’
    • ‘Klingon is a difficult conlang to master’
    • ‘Valdyan has a Website with almost as much information about the 'conculture' as the conlang.’
    • ‘One does not normally think or speak in one's conlang, much less speak to another, except through a laborious process of translation.’
    • ‘It has been a very satisfying hobby for me, although I am just now beginning to thoroughly formalize my disconnected ideas into my first conlang.’
    • ‘The game not only showcases these languages in all their variety but provides an incentive to learn another conlanger's conlang.’
    • ‘I gave them a Conlang (which was HARD), I gave knowledge about their technology, origins, species types, leadership.’
    • ‘GenreTainment chats with an expert in Conlang (Constructed Languages) who created the Dothraki language for HBO's Game of Thrones.’
    • ‘A conlang is defined by its system of grammar, not its lexicon.’
    • ‘Would a Mass be valid if it were said in Klingon or some other such conlang (constructed language) like Tolkien's Elvish?’
    • ‘The conlang will have irregular plurals, too, by targeting certain nouns and making their plurals irregular in some way.’
    • ‘Lojban is a team effort of the Logical Language Group, Inc., and is one of the most thoroughly worked out of conlangs.’



/ˈkänˌlaNG/ /ˈkɑnˌlæŋ/


1990s short for constructed language.