Definición de connectedness en inglés


Pronunciación /kəˈnektədnəs/ /kəˈnɛktədnəs/

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  • 1The state of being joined or linked.

    ‘the connectedness of American business life and American sports’
    • ‘the connectedness of local and national power’
    • ‘The authors find interdepartmental connectedness to be critical for effective implementation.’
    • ‘In biology, students were asked to examine their connectedness to the ecosystem through the world food market.’
    • ‘These two words summon up a whole feeling of connectedness to the landscape.’
    • ‘The focus on globalizing sectors commonly references geography's traditional concern with the connectedness of activities and places.’
    • ‘It is an exclamation that describes an irrevocable connectedness of all things.’
    • ‘We see not only an articulation of the sultanate's literal position, but also a symbol of the connectedness of local and national power.’
    • ‘In his discussion of the connectedness of seemingly random events, he makes a suggestive observation with regard to paranoia's capacity for connecting events.’
    • ‘The viewer begins to sense a less linear, transcultural connectedness among separate events and lives.’
    • ‘Owing to the deep resources, increasing connectedness, and sophistication of large firms, corporate spaces of learning are now global in scope.’
    • ‘The intensification of global connectedness means that cooperation between nations is more than ever necessary.’
  • 2A feeling of belonging to or having affinity with a particular person or group.

    ‘it's about partnering, trust, and connectedness’
    • ‘individuals from these cultures value connectedness with family and friends’
    • ‘Children are prepared by our evolutionary history to thrive in emotional connectedness with adults.’
    • ‘Her book points to the connection between silence and connectedness in adolescent girls.’
    • ‘They tell of the pride, the pain, the intimacy and connectedness of their lives.’
    • ‘Communal trust requires attachment or connectedness to those with whom one is interacting.’
    • ‘Wholeness evokes trust and connectedness, and it forces people to see a purpose greater than their own.’
    • ‘Our connectedness, our human compact, is sandwiched together like the floors in a house of cards that is easier to knock down than we might think.’
    • ‘If you're sensing connectedness and candor, the other person probably feels it too.’
    • ‘Deficiency of information and lack of social connectedness are two main reasons for human deprivation.’
    • ‘Relationships, community, connectedness, kith and kin are one half of what makes life worth living.’
    • ‘When our failure harms another person, our sense of connectedness suffers.’