Definition of connectional in English:


Pronunciation /-SHənl/

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(also British connexional)

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‘For three years, from 1989 to 1992, I was employed by the Methodist Church as the connexional field worker for what was at that time known as the Mission Alongside the Poor Programme.’
  • ‘Second, they used it to describe another denomination with a connectional or episcopal system of church polity, such as ‘The Methodist Church’ or ‘The Presbyterian Church.’’
  • ‘New legislation became a necessity by mid 1948 because of plans to negotiate a North Atlantic defense treaty and furnish arms aid to strengthen the connectional defenses and the will to resist Communist expansion of the signatories.’
  • ‘What turned the spiritual stirrings of the late 1730s among a small coterie into a widespread movement was Wesley's fusion of outdoor preaching, itinerant evangelism, and connectional organization.’
  • ‘Talks now are proceeding on full communion with the United Methodist Church, which is connectional.’