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  • 1A thing which links two or more things together.

    ‘a pipe connector’
    • ‘The building is conceived as part of a shifting network of people and events from the nearby light rail station to the mix of new programs and forms, all linked together by multiple connectors.’
    • ‘Connect the gutter sections together using the connectors.’
    • ‘We believe there is a benefit to being able to put two snap connectors together rather than having to carry tools to hook up tiny hydraulic lines.’
    • ‘Many also provide a digital link - a rectangular connector, usually white.’
    • ‘On closer inspection, the pipe connector had split.’
    • ‘I bought two 10-foot half-inch plastic pipes, some elbow connectors, spray-glue, nylon zip-ties and a box of screws.’
    • ‘Clean and repair chimneys, flue pipes, vent connectors, and gas vents’
    • ‘It becomes quite annoying when you run out of connectors and have to start linking others together.’
    • ‘Tamper-resistant seals and proprietary connectors discourage innovation through constraint.’
    • ‘After connecting the wires with the controlling unit, the keypad should be connected using a strip connector.’
    • ‘A quick examination of the nozzle and its corresponding port on the bottle reveals that the connectors are similar but not compatible.’
    • ‘It also supports the new expansion slots and connectors.’
    • ‘I think it is a connector for internal disk drives.’
    • ‘Unlike the others I've used, it uses the line out connection via the dock connector.’
    • ‘The atrium itself is a grand, multi-level space covered by a space-frame roof that is stiffened by a dramatic king post truss made of turned fir logs held together with steel tension rods and connectors.’
    • ‘Please be sure to thank a soldier for what they are doing on a daily basis because our enlisted soldiers are the end connectors that hold our track together.’
    • ‘The next step will be for the plumber to turn off the main water line, and with some pipe and connectors, hook up the plumbing to the existing pipe, and extend it through the wall.’
    • ‘Your local hardware store can help you figure out how much pipe you'll need and how many connectors, elbows and T-fittings you'll need.’
    • ‘I would also have added the wheel and made the other two legs USB connectors if I had more time.’
    • ‘Each time I sit still for a moment I get another thought and off I dash, back to the desk, to jot it down, then search through what's gone before to see how it fits, drawing lines and connectors, then scratching them out again.’
    loop, ring, connection, connective, connector, coupling, joint, knot
    1. 1.1A device for keeping two parts of an electric circuit in contact.
      ‘a cable connector’
      • ‘He also noted that nanotubes may be used as replacements for conventional electrical connectors made of metal wires in ever smaller integrated circuits.’
      • ‘Voltage measurement circuitry couples to the first and second electrical connectors and responsively provides a voltage output related to voltage across the battery.’
      • ‘Any problems with the coaxial cable, connectors, jumpers, or the antenna will show up as an abnormality on the display.’
      • ‘A stamped and formed metal adapter frame is provided for mounting an electrical connector in an aperture in a panel.’
      • ‘A connector assembly with foldable card guides that, when folded, completely cover the array of electrical connectors resident on the connector housing.’
      • ‘A receiver is coupled to the cable connector via a decoupling capacitor.’
      • ‘A solder ball is fused to the end of the conductors for connection of the connector to a circuit substrate.’
      • ‘Passive components are capacitors, resistors, connectors, filters, inductors, and oscillators.’
      • ‘Readers reminded us that gold, which does not tarnish or corrode, is used in contacts and connectors in telephones, computers, and other electronic products.’
      • ‘Once all the water and air systems have been plumbed in and the exhaust system and electronic and electrical connectors added, the engine is fired up.’
      • ‘For electromedical applications such as electrophysiology, the hub may also contain an electrical connector.’
      • ‘One woman told the president she worked in a factory that made small electrical connectors.’
      • ‘A first electrical conducting strip extends from a first electrical connection means to the base surface of the recess to the second electrical connector.’
      • ‘Modules, separate boards with features such as connectors and critical circuits that facilitate implementation of the chips, cost more, but they're simpler to use.’
      • ‘This is done using spring-clip connectors on an electronic project board.’
      • ‘You can create closed loops and boxes without short circuits by using dead connectors.’
      • ‘The connector achieves height savings by using a miniature flexible circuit to link the card frame to the PCB instead of directly soldered leads.’
      • ‘External devices require a terminator plugged into the unused connector on the last device in the chain.’
      • ‘Join one transformer wire to a black cable wire and the other transformer wire to a white cable wire with wire connectors.’
      • ‘However, he did add some pretty expensive circuitry with a connector that could send and receive an unmodified signal to the CPU.’
    2. 1.2US A short road or highway that connects two longer roads or highways.
      ‘A steep and rocky jeep road connector on the T-day ride confirmed there is no real off-road action for me for a while, even if I want to disobey the doctors orders.’
      • ‘So the Oak Street Project moved out some 3,000 people and brought in a highway connector so that commuters could drive straight from the new Connecticut Turnpike into downtown.’
      • ‘What's left is a series of short asphalt connectors, fenced-in streambeds, weedy concrete medians, and parking lots.’
      • ‘I'll take the Santa Monica Freeway at 6 p.m. over the 75/85 connector from the Atlanta Airport every day of the week.’
      • ‘Business loops serve as a connector to the highway, but also to local commercial entities.’
      • ‘The Airport Road and its connector to the highway via Sietz Ronan Road is a good road, though the entire road could use improvement.’
      • ‘While a study on a 710 tunnel underneath South Pasadena continues, the City of Los Angeles revives talk of a temporary connector to the freeway.’



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