Definition of connoisseurship in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌSHip/


See connoisseur

‘When I argue that your connoisseurship or aestheticism are suspect and insist on my own highly materialist readings of things, it does not mean that our field is in disarray.’
  • ‘Renowned for his visual acumen and connoisseurship, he grew up in Paris and New York, the son of a scholar of medieval church history.’
  • ‘Why is a curatorial project in feminist revisionism, buttressed by scholarly discussions of Victorian domesticity, gender identity and literary culture, enveloped in a thick mantle of connoisseurship?’
  • ‘It's the kind of connoisseurship you can feel good about: unlike some wines and good coffees, artisan cheese is decidedly anti-corporate, produced by co-ops and small dairies, often by very few people or families.’
  • ‘Experience can contribute to connoisseurship, but only if the consumer tastes with attention and an open mind.’