Definition of connubial in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈn(y)o͞obēəl/ /kəˈn(j)ubiəl/


  • Relating to marriage or the relationship of a married couple; conjugal.

    ‘their connubial bed’
    • ‘His armpits start smelling of meat; he becomes an urban caveman, forever subjecting Russia to ‘the detailed exaction of his connubial rights’.’
    • ‘For all its white heat, in other words, the sur-reality of Friday Night left me alone in the earthbound darkness, coolly and contractively contemplating the state of my own connubial bond.’
    • ‘How did one make domestic routine sound like connubial bliss when the highlight of my day had been the hour my partner and I spent together in the garden admiring our new roses?’
    • ‘The poem's third stanza clinches the argument by celebrating the joy of connubial bliss,’
    • ‘If you plan to spend north of $10,000 on your honeymoon, the Caribbean is rife with experiences that will enrich your entree to connubial life.’
    matrimonial, marital, marriage, wedding, conjugal, connubial, bridal


Mid 17th century from Latin connubialis, from connubium ‘marriage’, from con- ‘with’ + nubere ‘marry’.