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  • 1In a deliberate and intentional way.

    ‘she consciously chose to ignore him’
    • ‘a vicious and consciously dishonest hatchet job’
    • ‘Researchers consciously avoided grouping all students with identical majors in the same focus groups.’
    • ‘Napoleon consciously followed the example of Louis XIV in his self-aggrandizing use of art.’
    • ‘That was the first time I decided consciously to be a rancher.’
    • ‘It is rare for artists to set out consciously to make their gardens into works of art.’
    • ‘In the atlas, he consciously sought a representational language that could pictorially translate what he imagined were the unadulterated perceptions of sight.’
    • ‘Some new beach houses are consciously designed to emulate the original fibro shack, seeking new expressions for this simplest of all recreational structures.’
    • ‘Others were consciously placed in traffic circles without regard to how this would alter memorial practice.’
    • ‘These monographs consciously build upon the important urban histories of the 1980s and 1990s.’
    • ‘He consciously opted to preserve the authenticity of the journal by maintaining the original grammar and spelling.’
    • ‘His book represents this consciously deceptive strategy in its boldest form.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is directly perceptible to and under the control of the person concerned.
      ‘most players don't think consciously about a throw’
      • ‘we don't consciously perceive everything that happens to us’
      • ‘He did not himself consciously think of her as either a sexed or a gendered being.’
      • ‘I love the thunder and lightning of romance, and though I don't consciously think about it, I do definitely miss it.’
      • ‘Many women, though probably not consciously, are willing to settle in a sensible way for a less-than-ideal husband.’
      • ‘We consciously process eight frames of image per second, while our 21st-century media travel much more quickly.’
      • ‘They may not consciously think "I need something to control so I will get a pet," but the fact remains that these people keep a pet to have a living thing under their control.’
      • ‘Most of your suggestions are things I'm already doing but hadn't consciously realized until you mentioned them.’
      • ‘We're not consciously aware of doing it, but it's a gesture that is duplicated by every culture on Earth.’
      • ‘She may not consciously realize that there are some rather observant young men that position themselves in low places for observation of good-looking women.’
      • ‘Living in a purely mechanical, almost absent way has a dangerous side effect—namely the loss of consciously experiencing any given moment.’
      • ‘The vast majority of participants became consciously aware of the cue-target relationship during the experiment.’



/ˈkänSHəslē/ /ˈkɑnʃəsli/