Definition of consensual in English:


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  • Relating to or involving consent or consensus.

    ‘consensual sexual activity’
    • ‘decision-making was consensual’
    • ‘I have to admit, I feel the same way about pretty much every consensual sexual activity.’
    • ‘This general pattern has been referred to as sexual compliance or consensual unwanted sex.’
    • ‘It follows from this that even consensual sexual activity between 15-year-olds will be criminal in the eyes of the law.’
    • ‘We would be left with only those references relating to consensual sexual activities within homosexual partnerships.’
    • ‘The trio deny the charges, claiming their sexual activity had been consensual.’
    • ‘Yet, while they are preaching to us about the immorality of our consensual sexual lives the institutions are busy condoning the abuse by their own employees.’
    • ‘He claimed he and the teenager had consensual sex.’
    • ‘That's why these laws governing consensual sex must be repealed.’
    • ‘Defence attorneys said the sex with celebrities was consensual.’
    • ‘Staff initially viewed the sexual contact as consensual.’
    • ‘The government has backed away from its plans to decriminalise consensual sexual behaviour between teenagers.’
    • ‘But during his trial, he claimed after he picked up the young woman she made advances to him and the sex was consensual.’
    • ‘Does that sound to you like a likely scenario for consensual sex?’
    • ‘Further, it is an affront to basic human rights that a person should be imprisoned for consensual sex between two adults.’
    • ‘It also dissuaded consensual sexual partners from asking for condoms.’
    • ‘Again he initially denied he had been in her room but then changed his story, saying they had enjoyed consensual sexual intercourse.’
    • ‘He claimed he had had a consensual sexual relationship with all three of the boys when they were aged 14 or 15.’
    • ‘Where sex is consensual and between adults I do not believe the things other people get up to are any of my business.’
    • ‘If there is a website proclaiming that all consensual sex is within the law, this is a serious matter.’
    • ‘He then submitted a statement saying he had consensual sex with a woman he saw on the street after meeting her in a club earlier.’



/kənˈsenSH(əw)əl/ /kənˈsɛnʃ(əw)əl/


Mid 18th century from Latin consensus ‘agreement’ (from consens- ‘felt together, agreed’, from the verb consentire) + -al.