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usually in singular
  • A general agreement.

    as modifier ‘a consensus view’
    • ‘a consensus of opinion among judges’
    • ‘The general consensus of opinion has it that love is not a good thing for professional sportsmen.’
    • ‘The general consensus is that they are in public life for what they can get out of it.’
    • ‘The general consensus is that faith in an afterlife is a positive psychological state.’
    • ‘The consensus among community forums is that the message was probably a warped joke.’
    • ‘After the concert the consensus was to head back to our respective hotels and sleep for as long as possible.’
    • ‘They have also helped to undermine the social consensus which used to be so intolerant of crime.’
    • ‘We tried to get a consensus of opinion and it proved to be easier than I thought.’
    • ‘We have to know there is a firm consensus of opinion behind us, and would not press on ahead without it.’
    • ‘A strong relationship means that it must depend on a consensus of needs and opinion.’
    • ‘Secondly, what would be a sufficient consensus to ground an appeal to social justice?’
    • ‘The overwhelming consensus is that the lack of knowledge is probably the merciful way it should be.’
    • ‘Here was a political consensus that a progressive government could have championed.’
    • ‘There seems to be a growing consensus that any orientation toward the future is somehow out of place.’
    • ‘Basically, the consensus appeared to be that the book was better than the movie.’
    • ‘We aren't likely to get a consensus about that from the groups who monitored the elections.’
    • ‘There needs to be a clear consensus on what a charity should be in order to be granted any tax and other benefits.’
    • ‘A consensus on good taste is a futile ambition, for who knows what it would be, and who cares?’
    • ‘It was only a few weeks ago that there was a broad consensus that UK interest rates were on the way up.’
    • ‘It's all up for discussion, but the consensus is that most clubs want sections too.’
    • ‘The government is struggling to find a consensus over proposals for the state system.’
    agreement, harmony, concord, like-mindedness, concurrence, consent, common consent, accord, unison, unity, unanimity, oneness, solidarity, concert
    general opinion, general view, majority opinion, majority view, common opinion, common view
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/kənˈsensəs/ /kənˈsɛnsəs/


Mid 17th century from Latin, ‘agreement’, from consens- ‘agreed’, from the verb consentire.