Definition of consenting adult in English:

consenting adult


  • An adult who willingly agrees to engage in an act, especially a sexual act.

    ‘I was the other consenting adult in the affair’
    • ‘sexual activity between consenting adults’
    • ‘Britain had decriminalized homosexual acts in private between consenting adults in the Sexual Offenses Act 1967.’
    • ‘They claim that adultery is sex between consenting adults and, so, it is a personal matter.’
    • ‘What is the basis for the criminalisation of incest between consenting adults?’
    • ‘To criminalize the expression of intimacy between consenting adults, in the privacy of their homes, is malice dressed up as morality.’
    • ‘So they get around it in a variety of ways, such as calling it a true escort service and then if sex happens it is by mutual agreement by consenting adults.’
    • ‘It is no one's business what consenting adults do in private, gay or not.’
    • ‘The private sexual activity between consenting adults goes to the heart of what the Constitution means in theory and in practice.’
    • ‘That is, she believed the State had no place in regulating the private sexual arrangements between consenting adults.’
    • ‘Most Americans now believe that the private sexual conduct of two consenting adults is not the business of government.’
    • ‘They defend prostitution as an extension of the right of consenting adults to perform whatever sexual acts they wish.’
    • ‘A society mature enough to cope with the explicit depiction of sex between consenting adults is likely to be one comfortable with sexual diversity and women's equality.’
    • ‘If you as a consenting adult, participate in a spots event that has risks and you are injured by one of those risks, then that is something which you must take on board yourself.’
    • ‘As a liberal, I believe that the government should not be preferring or legally privileging any relationship between consenting adults.’
    • ‘No adolescent is thought to be a consenting adult in advances made by a true adult, even though his or her body may be on the way to sexual maturity.’
    • ‘It's none of your business what goes on in the bedrooms of consenting adults.’
    • ‘What constitutes a marriage should be determined by contract between the consenting adults involved, not by government.’
    • ‘If the allegation is true, he is not hurting anyone by being involved with consenting adults and has done nothing illegal.’
    • ‘On what legitimate basis does the government assert the authority to tell consenting adults what they may do with each other in the privacy of their own home?’
    • ‘It's a perfectly legitimate free market transaction between consenting adults acting in their own perceived best interests.’


consenting adult

/kənˈsen(t)iNG əˈdəlt/ /kənˈsɛn(t)ɪŋ əˈdəlt/ /ˈaˌdəlt/ /ˈæˌdəlt/