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nounplural noun conservancies

  • 1in names A body concerned with the preservation of nature, specific species, or natural resources.

    ‘the Nature Conservancy’
    • ‘Traditional conservation areas include national parks and wildlife reserves; more recent categories include biosphere reserves and community conservancies.’
    • ‘Over 1200 land trusts and conservancies in the United States have preserved over 5 million acres, exceeding the area of the State of New Jersey.’
    • ‘And the conservancy has already offered 90,000 of the most suitable acres to local people and set up a trust in their behalf.’
    • ‘Sites include National Parks, National Forests, higher education organizations, museums, conservancies, nature preserves, and government agencies.’
    • ‘The Eagle Rock area was purchased by the Sempervirens Fund, a local land conservancy, and sold to the state for inclusion in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.’
    • ‘A network of conservancies for the riverine rabbit could create an extensive informal conservation area to protect remaining populations and potential habitat.’
    • ‘The conservancy employs 55 scouts to check on the rhinos' whereabouts and to catch poachers.’
    • ‘She talked about her work on rhino and elephant conservation in East Africa and the development of conservancies and anti-poaching initiatives there.’
    • ‘The conservancy works in partnership with garden owners, both public and private, to ensure that these landscapes will continue to thrive as their original owners and garden designers intended.’
    • ‘But the Battery comes under the jurisdiction of the city, state and federal governments, unlike Central Park, where the conservancy's only partner is the city.’
    • ‘After 1953, the conservancy became a joint project of the French and Cambodian Governments.’
    • ‘According to the public relations officer in the ministry, there is a need to set up more conservancies in the country so as to protect resources and also to make the local communities benefit directly from tourism.’
    • ‘Also in Alaska, the conservancy wants Prince William Sound declared an ocean wilderness although there have been attempts since 1973 to have the land around it designated wilderness.’
    • ‘The school district says it seriously considered the feasibility of the conservancy's proposals and drafted a plan that aimed to reconcile everyone's needs.’
    • ‘Last year the conservancy scored a triumph by acquiring 525,000 acres of desert land from a development corporation.’
    • ‘Gradually, with the support of the conservancy, backyard efforts initiated by people with a passion for a particular breed began to appear.’
    • ‘Each partner contributed land to the conservancy.’
    • ‘In that short time, the conservancy spent more than $10 million on land acquisition in the Big Woods.’
    • ‘Kiwi Encounter receives eggs from nine different conservancies around the North Island as part of the BNZ Kiwi Recovery Programme, Operation Nest Egg.’
    • ‘Other land conservancies send groups to the center for training and seminars as well.’
    1. 1.1A commission or group of officials controlling a port, river, or drainage basin.
      ‘the Thames Conservancy Board’
      • ‘The Department of Conservation's Wanganui conservancy has reported to me that it has assisted people affected by the floods with equipment and labour.’
      • ‘Also, the Annapolis Conservancy Board will monitor the easements each year to ensure that their terms are being observed.’
      • ‘The Lewis County Water Conservancy Board will also be invited to attend.’
      • ‘The Conservancy Board will tour the Navarro Headlands and Salmon Creek Forest projects.’
  • 2The conservation of wildlife and the environment.

    ‘from the point of view of nature conservancy, I'd rather see it left unspoiled’
    • ‘Just a few of the benefits to your program are natural beauty, recreational opportunity, environmental education, conservancy, wildlife protection, and resource utilization.’
    • ‘Several speakers raised concerns about the draft OCP approach to nature conservancy.’
    • ‘I have supported both preservation of art and architecture and nature conservancy and I'm sure I'm not alone among your readers.’
    • ‘A natural system of conservancy was in vogue, almost every hill top is dedicated to some local deity and the trees on or about the spot are regarded with great respect so that nobody dare touch them.’
    • ‘Smallie said the birds' natural habitat is the wetlands, and wetland conservancy is therefore urged.’
    • ‘Suitable sites for putting up sheds and necessary arrangements for conservancy, lighting and general sanitation of the health camp were made.’
    • ‘In the USA it is the North American bison and passenger pigeon which have taught us the harshest lessons about the need for conservancy.’
    • ‘The ecological significance of the color of bioluminescence and conservancy of green emission in larval fireflies and other luminescent beetle larvae is discussed.’
    • ‘The Economic Affairs Minister said that public investment in water conservancy is necessary, even if it means increasing public debt.’
    • ‘The main driving force in China to survey and draw maps was often for military reasons but also for problems such as water conservancy.’
    • ‘Its conservancy of freely available information includes software, music, literature, art, history and philosophy.’
    • ‘Noted for its conservancy of wildflowers, this museum southwest of Philadelphia features the art of the Wyeth family.’



/kənˈsərvənsē/ /kənˈsərvənsi/


Late 15th century (in the sense ‘conservation, protection’ in general): either from medieval Latin conservantia, from Latin conservant- preserved, from conservare (see conserve), or from conserve + -ancy.