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  • 1In a sober and conventional way.

    ‘they've been dressing more conservatively at the office’
    • ‘an upscale living room, conservatively furnished’
    • ‘A conservatively redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee will arrive this fall.’
    • ‘Some carped that the car looked too much like its conservatively styled predecessor.’
    • ‘A teenager is wearing a dirtied white baseball cap with the bill pulled down tight, conservatively pointing forward.’
    • ‘What sort of reaction did you get from what I imagine would be a fairly conservatively dressed meeting of businesspeople?’
    • ‘He keeps a long cigar in his mouth and dresses conservatively (navy blue blazer, matching pants, bright knit tie).’
    • ‘Alice dresses conservatively and wears her hair pulled back, so the audience knows she's repressed both literally and figuratively.’
    • ‘The president is widely seen as more pragmatic, while the congressman is proudly, conservatively ideological.’
    • ‘The region remains Mexico's most conservatively Catholic.’
    • ‘The women wear blouses, sweaters, and skirts and are no less conservatively groomed.’
    • ‘Are these students skilled enough to study effectively with conservatively schooled students in the college?’
  • 2In a cautious way that seeks to avoid potential risks.

    ‘she conservatively estimates a supply shortfall of $8 million this year’
    • ‘This has traditionally been a very conservatively run company.’
    • ‘They tried for a merger with a more conservatively run institution.’
    • ‘The top executives there are conservatively compensated.’
    • ‘Previously, the company had been conservatively valued at 60 cents per share.’
    • ‘The conservatively managed mine produces gold for him.’
    • ‘Unlike many of its rivals, this is one of most conservatively run clubs in England.’
    • ‘Setting up his own shop two years later, he steered it conservatively for decades.’
    • ‘I think you'd rather be a little bit more conservatively positioned in the bond market.’
    • ‘Newspapers have been conservatively run, averse to risk and unwilling to make the kind of investment that characterizes growth industries.’
    • ‘Conservatively, this implies the dollar will fall until the trade deficit in goods and services declines from 4 percent of GDP to under 1 percent of GDP.’
  • 3Medicine
    In a way that is intended to control symptoms rather than eliminate a condition.

    ‘the frostbite injury was treated conservatively’
    • ‘Selection bias is a significant factor in deciding who should have surgery and who should be managed conservatively.’
    • ‘Patients treated surgically for this condition have a lower risk of fractures and stomach ulcers than those treated conservatively.’
    • ‘The difference in the risk of end points between surgically and conservatively treated patients must be larger than if the cases were more balanced.’
    • ‘Hemorrhoids should be managed conservatively, using laxatives and dietary fiber.’
    • ‘Most patients with lower limb arterial disease are treated conservatively and do not reach the stage at which surgical intervention is needed.’
    • ‘We treated the burns conservatively.’
    • ‘Renal stones, which are generally asymptomatic, may be followed conservatively.’
    • ‘Periodic follow-up imaging should be a consideration if the decision is made to manage the patient conservatively.’
    • ‘Patients reported numerous problems in communicating their pain to nurses, and perhaps as a result, patients were very conservatively medicated.’
    • ‘Although some clinicians opt to follow asymptomatic patients conservatively with serial sonography, the wisdom of this approach is questioned.’



/kənˈsərvədivlē/ /kənˈsərvədɪvli/