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‘He often manifests a gregarious desire for team-mates and audiences, a tactful considerateness for their concerns; and he has a capacity for deeply felt shame, leading him to maximize the chances he takes of exposure.’
  • ‘In conclusion, I wish to commend the considerateness of the editors and staff in opting for a larger type of print, making English reading easier for the younger generations now studying in high schools and universities.’
  • ‘Yes, he's still self-assured and persistent, but he manages to retain an air of considerateness and general likeability that makes it easy to understand why she is attracted to him despite her best intentions.’
  • ‘Remember the considerateness of the Prophet to the enemies of Islam.’
  • ‘It also swept the last of the doubts and reservations away; he was touched by her considerateness.’



/kənˈsid(ə)rətnəs/ /kənˈsɪd(ə)rətnəs/