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  • 1In every case or on every occasion; invariably.

    ‘the vehicle consistently outperforms some of the best competitors’
    • ‘a team that consistently demonstrates a desire to win’
    • ‘The addition of this ester is recommended for consistently effective control.’
    • ‘These products can be adequate in fields with consistently low giant-ragweed populations.’
    • ‘The traditional trials faced by fire managers are complicated by a consistently changing landscape.’
    • ‘Consider planting areas with consistently high yields at higher densities.’
    • ‘Teachers scored undergraduate presentations consistently high across all evaluation categories.’
    • ‘It consistently ranks in the top three counties in New York State for overall milk production.’
    • ‘Once temperatures consistently stay above 70 degrees, the symptoms will become more evident.’
    • ‘The grain markets consistently discounted negative yield implications from our state for most of the growing season.’
    • ‘Students consistently showed a preference for using the combinations of all available aids.’
    • ‘Reliability is the degree to which a test or an instrument consistently measures whatever it measures.’
  • 2In a fair and impartial way.

    ‘students have to be treated consistently by all staff members’
    • ‘If the drug laws were applied consistently, the governor and his family would be evicted from their publicly funded digs.’
    • ‘I realize there are procedures in place to deal consistently with customers and make it all work out.’
    • ‘To be able to interact consistently with these children, he turns to the virtues of compassion, generosity, mindfulness, love, and the transcendence of ego.’
    • ‘Criminal justice experts argue that consistently applied rules that are well understood by defendants are critical to behavior change.’
    • ‘Employees should be treated consistently to avoid a claim for disparity of treatment.’
    • ‘The concept of consistently handling your customers across disparate media is essential.’
    • ‘Children diagnosed with this disorder need to be handled consistently by both parents.’



/kənˈsistəntlē/ /kənˈsɪstəntli/