Definition of consistorial in English:



See consistory

‘Each diocese of the established church had a consistorial or diocesan court, and in Dublin, superior to these, was the Prerogative Court of Armagh.’
  • ‘The final appointment to a royal pastorat will be made by the Government, and to a consistorial pastorat by the consistory.’
  • ‘This took place at the local diocesan or consistorial courts in each Diocese.’
  • ‘When the decision to assign a consistorial benefit is made, a cardinal (the supervisor or the proponent) is entrusted with the duty to examine the case.’
  • ‘We ourselves received the advice of our esteemed brothers, the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church who are in charge of consistorial affairs, and we considered the judgment of those who have some right or who regard themselves as having some privilege in this matter.’



/ˌkänsiˈstôrēəl/ /ˌkɑnsɪˈstɔriəl/