Definition of constellate in English:



  • Form or cause to form into a cluster or group; gather together.

    no object ‘the towns and valleys where people constellate’
    • ‘their stories were never constellated’
    • ‘Margaret, the protagonist and instigator, is a Caribbean immigrant who embodies a form of diasporic consciousness that seamlessly constellates Canada, America, and the West Indies.’
    • ‘One of the many folk songs constellated around the full-scale Byzantine epic of Dhiyenis Akritas has the hero telling how he passed through ‘the mountains of Araby, the Syrian gorges’ with ‘my four-foot sword, my three-fathom spear’.’
    • ‘You know, certain people are just more coherent than others, and maybe when they die, they don't get all blown apart, but have constellated a bunch of things around a certain core element of soul, and that inhabits something new.’
    • ‘Its basically a pictorial guided to psychology, and is meant to help you interpret how these things are constellated in you, what forces are being brought to bear invisibly, etc.’
    • ‘His accounts of object related internal objects, unconscious phantasies and mental mechanism are constellated around two categories of functioning, called positions.’



/ˈkänstəlāt/ /ˈkɑnstəleɪt/


Mid 17th century from late Latin constellatus, from con- ‘together’ + stellatus ‘arranged like a star’.