Definition of construction paper in English:

construction paper



North American
  • A type of thick colored paper used for making models, designs, and other crafts.

    ‘Book artists may use handmade papers, archival art paper, construction paper purchased in bulk or no paper at all.’
    • ‘The brayers will come in handy when decorating craft bags, construction paper, wrapping paper, stationery and much more.’
    • ‘Bake a few batches of cookies that your child can lovingly decorate and wrap with colored plastic wrap and ribbons; or create thank-you cards on regular old printer paper or construction paper.’
    • ‘Tables were designed with black construction paper (at this point, the table was not glued down, but was put in position and traced).’
    • ‘Finally, we mounted the designs on black construction paper.’
    • ‘Make templates of cars, cut models from construction paper or cardboard, and decorate them.’
    • ‘Experiment with other types of papers or colored construction paper.’
    • ‘He has typically made art out of ‘everyday’ materials - hair, toothpaste, construction paper, plastic bags.’
    • ‘Paper bags, wallpaper, construction paper, newspapers and magazines all come into play as wonderful woven artworks take form.’
    • ‘A variety of papers are needed, such as construction paper, tissue, magazine pages and so on.’
    • ‘Store your children's artwork including construction paper and crayons in one of the bins.’
    • ‘On small patches of coloured construction paper, you can find names that have gone unspoken for decades.’
    • ‘Let the children use construction paper, markers, crayons and paint to create flowers to decorate it.’
    • ‘Let your child dip his paint brush into the starch, and then brush it onto their construction paper (they will want to cover the paper with the starch mixture).’
    • ‘Make teacup invitations cut from white paper or make giant strawberry invitations, from red construction paper, and decorate.’
    • ‘Fold a piece of heavy red construction paper in half, cutting a smaller piece of pink paper for the front just like we did with the candy cane heart.’
    • ‘Designs were transferred to quarter-folded, high-quality construction paper.’
    • ‘He worked with children while he was there, bringing crayons and construction paper - items that were banned under the sanctions - to encourage younger children to draw stories of their lives.’
    • ‘For this art project, students first selected a background color of construction paper that was to their liking.’
    • ‘Youngsters will also learn to draw simple shapes with special crayons formulated specifically for use on construction paper.’