Definition of consubstantiality in English:



See consubstantial

‘This teaching prompted further speculation on the relation of Spirit within the Trinity, with an eye to establishing the consubstantiality of the Father, Son and Spirit.’
  • ‘Like Basil, Augustine is interested in establishing the consubstantiality of the three personae, and he begins with the hard-won results of the Arian struggle: the absolute substantial identity of Father and Son.’
  • ‘One must understand the formal aspects of the system, in order to evaluate the way consubstantiality reflects aspects of the motives, for it is only in contrast to norms that practice has signification.’
  • ‘There, consanguinity and its extrapolation, consubstantiality, are tied to metaphysical explanations of being, rather than being interpreted as a device within a social technology.’
  • ‘The notion of consubstantiality, with its essentialist as well as its existentialist aspects, is beneficial in the description of the mechanisms at work within these distinctions.’



/ˌkänsəbˌstanSHēˈalədē/ /ˌkɑnsəbˌstænʃiˈælədi/