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  • 1Relating to the consul or consulate in a foreign city.

    ‘a consular official must interview applicants’
    • ‘The two main operative clauses pertained to the issuance of American visas by consular officials.’
    • ‘He was not told of his right to request consular assistance.’
    • ‘The Department of State considered some 10 million visa applications at some 200 consular offices.’
    • ‘All five have been offered legal assistance following visits from consular staff.’
    • ‘This should incorporate all the conditions fixed for their validity by the consular authorities of the countries of importation.’
    • ‘In his recent study, he focuses on the development of Swedish consular services during the 18th century.’
    • ‘The man had been denied his right to consular contact.’
    • ‘In 1846, the poet was born to a French consular official in Uruguay.’
    • ‘The honorary consulship provides him with consular plates for his cars.’
    • ‘In his memoirs, he recounts how during his first consular posting, he befriended an orangutan.’
  • 2Relating to the ancient Roman consuls, two annually elected chief magistrates who jointly ruled the republic.

    ‘Rome once again held consular elections’
    • ‘His official title was imperator, by which he had full consular power.’
    • ‘Now the issue was more serious, and Rome responded with a consular army.’
    • ‘A bundle of rods with a projecting ax was the insignia of consular authority in ancient Rome.’
    • ‘In its structure, the history revives the Roman tradition of an annalistic record of civil and military affairs arranged by the consular year.’
    • ‘His son, presumably born in Rome, was of consular descent.’
    • ‘During the year 127, he created four provinces in Italy, each with a consular governor.’
    • ‘Caesar's fellow consul was thrown from the platform, and his consular insignia were broken.’
    • ‘He was a senator of consular rank and a courtier of Nero.’
    • ‘Caesar would give up his command and stand in person at the consular election on condition that Pompey abandon his command at the same time.’
    • ‘Rome and Constantinople were personified as enthroned women on coins and consular diptychs.’
    1. 2.1Relating to the French consuls (three chief magistrates) of 1799–1804.
      ‘Only a handful of mutilated relics could be discerned in the terse and ambiguous clauses of the consular constitution.’
      • ‘The annexation of Geneva added the most famous Calvinist center of all to French territory, and consular realism refused to countenance any return to Catholic dominance.’
      • ‘Throughout Napoleon's rule, soldiers would stand first in the consular and then imperial hierarchy.’
      • ‘The second and third consuls offer a good example of the consular rallying.’
      • ‘The veteran infantry of the Consular Guard stood lounging in ranks as the vulgar uproar near the little hamlet grew in intensity and rolled slowly toward them.’



/ˈkänsələr/ /ˈkɑnsələr/