Definition of consulship in English:



See consul

‘For while Cicero claimed his consulship in 63 B.C., only 14 years later Julius Caesar would cross the Rubicon with his legions.’
  • ‘There was then a gap of 12 years - he was posted to New Delhi - before he returned to take up the consulship in 1999.’
  • ‘The casual, almost formulaic, reference to the fact that this was Galba's second consulship certainly prompts a reader to wonder about his first.’
  • ‘These families, known as the nobility, dominated access to the consulships; between them they held over 80% of the consulships in the last century of the Republic.’
  • ‘The highest offices, the two annual consulships, were almost exclusively held by an even smaller group within the senatorial class, and its families possessed special prestige.’



/ˈkänsəlSHip/ /ˈkɑnsəlʃɪp/