Definition of consumer confidence in English:

consumer confidence

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  • A statistical measure of consumers' feelings about current and future economic conditions, used as an indicator of the overall state of the economy.

    ‘a survey of consumer confidence showed households had suddenly turned negative about buying “big ticket” items’
    • ‘His forecast: optimism bolstered by steady or rising consumer confidence.’
    • ‘Marketing with video, DVD or CD-ROM can also build consumer confidence by highlighting the company behind the product or service.’
    • ‘In the U.K. at least, there are several signs that consumer confidence in the safety of beef is beginning to return.’
    • ‘Business spending was up, and consumer confidence soared.’
    • ‘By understanding biotechnology's role in the dairy industry, processors can educate and increase consumer confidence in dairy foods.’
    • ‘Apart from layoffs and a sinking stock market, consumer confidence sank throughout the first part of 2001 as retail sales also declined.’
    • ‘We had a very short, dramatic downturn last year, and that damaged consumer confidence significantly.’
    • ‘We have the consumer confidence, and we have the right price-value relationship.’
    • ‘Consumer confidence slipped for five consecutive months but then rose, oddly, as the bad news seemed to crest in March.’
    • ‘Consumer confidence is rising, merchandise exports are bouncing back and domestic demand is showing solid signs of recovery.’