Definición de consumer sovereignty en inglés

consumer sovereignty

Pronunciación /kənˈs(y)o͞omər ˈsäv(ə)rəntē/ /kənˈs(j)umər ˈsɑv(ə)rənti/ /ˈsävərntē/ /ˈsɑvərnti/


  • The situation in an economy where the desires and needs of consumers control the output of producers.

    ‘More serious, the application of consumer sovereignty to real world producers cannot rely on their objective actions, but must probe into their subjective intentions.’
    • ‘Our mission is to establish a worldwide consumer cooperative and to reassert consumer sovereignty over capitalism.’
    • ‘The theoretical advantages of consumer sovereignty are clear; but there appear to be transaction costs in switching from the devil one knows.’
    • ‘There is no consumer choice and no consumer sovereignty.’
    • ‘There is, however, an additional important element that is critical if monetary calculation is to operate in a way most consistent with consumer sovereignty - sound money.’