Definition of consumerist in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈso͞omərəst/ /kənˈsumərəst/


  • Characterized by a preoccupation with the acquisition of consumer goods.

    • ‘a nation in the midst of a consumerist frenzy’
    • ‘The failure of the program helped pave the way for the triumph of a consumerist approach.’
    • ‘The facile term "lifestyle" seems to celebrate such splitting of the individual into an array of consumerist components.’
    • ‘There are quotes from him, often obscured by the broadest contours of his myth, which question the consumerist thesis.’
    • ‘Few books of poetry have any significance in the larger consumerist culture of multinational commerce.’
    • ‘The current consumerist climate lets him make money making lazy tripe.’
    • ‘It recreates the point of view of the "enemy," of the objects of consumerist middle-class living.’
    • ‘Its noble gesture resides in taking on board the issue of reconciling a modern, consumerist world with an ancient one.’
    • ‘History not only becomes pastoral, it is replaced by the more alluring, less complicated consumerist "tourism."’
    • ‘These concerns relate to a larger context of neo-colonial, globalist, consumerist realities of our time.’
    • ‘A more problematic consumerist statement is his pair of Internet projects, accessible through a computer in one of the galleries.’


  • A person who is preoccupied with the acquisition of consumer goods.

    • ‘self-indulgent consumerists’
    • ‘This is actually a funny take on today's consumerist.’
    • ‘In several obvious ways, the way he represented his interest did appear to fit the idea that fans are consumerists.’
    • ‘He derides the parents as philistine consumerists unduly concerned with their children's earning potentials.’
    • ‘We're not even pagans—we're just consumerists.’
    • ‘This should serve as a warning to the inveterate consumerists, who presumably also face extinction should they fail to erect legal barriers to suburban sprawl.’
    • ‘I stand here as a consumerist, an executive who looks at a range of industries and consumer trends to predict what's going to happen in this industry.’
    • ‘The rhetoric is often more deliverer-driven than consumerists desired but not always as windy as skeptics surmised.’
    • ‘That tendency has led to accusations that the New Age movement attracts self-indulgent consumerists whose primary focus is on themselves.’
    • ‘Far from attaining a better life, consumerists experience alienation and fear.’
    • ‘The nation as a whole debates whether the schoolgirls are media victims, conniving consumerists, or symptoms of a sick society.’