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‘The book takes us backstage during the performance, and shows us a consummately complex man, urbane, mercurial, bitter, funny and, again, bitter.’
  • ‘Real-world economic activities are consummately simulated as complex flows of information.’
  • ‘I can't imagine a better choice of cuisine for the season; hot, hearty, and consummately filling, it's the perfect antidote to the deep freeze outside.’
  • ‘You wouldn't believe it watching her work, because she looked so consummately at ease, but I think performing took a lot out of her.’
  • ‘While the other Russian players grew up playing in clubs in Moscow and other major cities, Sharapova moved to Nick Bolletieri's tennis academy as a child and, as a result, is consummately fluent in English.’



/ˈkänsəmətlē/ /ˈkɑnsəmətli/