Definition of contactable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkäntaktəbəl/ /ˈkɑntæktəbəl/ /kənˈtaktəbəl/ /kənˈtæktəbəl/

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‘They have highly trained and extremely competent medical personnel and are easily contactable and readily available 24 hours a day.’
  • ‘Colm was equipped with a bleeper which meant that, if at any time a double lung became available, he would be immediately contactable.’
  • ‘Depending on what spyware my parents have installed on their computer this time I may or may not be posting or contactable until Tuesday.’
  • ‘He told his parents that he would not be contactable.’
  • ‘Armstrong said: ‘I'm absolutely bemused that he decided to do something where he is not contactable by the people he represents or works for.’’
  • ‘Mum takes on everyone's worries and stresses by being contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’
  • ‘Organisers have also arranged for environmental health officers to visit the site before and during the ball to monitor noise, and a mobile sound patrol will be contactable throughout the event.’
  • ‘There is a huge market amongst people on the move, people like plumbers, electricians, journalists, indeed anyone who is not readily contactable on a landline.’
  • ‘For those who are searching for property, don't forget that almost every estate agent in Ireland is contactable by e-mail, even if they don't have a website.’
  • ‘The Prison Service was not contactable yesterday.’
  • ‘Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who's had something amazing happen to them, but it's strange how this person is never directly contactable.’
  • ‘There is a lot of work to be done at unsociable hours for the councillors, and in theory they need to be contactable at all hours of the day and night so they can act on behalf of their ward constituents.’
  • ‘I have not been contactable by e-mail for the past couple of weeks but the good news is that this facility is now back in action.’
  • ‘All of the volunteers are contactable by pagers and a boat launches as soon as an adequate number of crew arrive at the harbour.’
  • ‘In one case the agent was not contactable and we were asked to deal with another negotiator who had not visited the property in question.’
  • ‘This way you can move about, work from anywhere, access the Internet and be easily contactable wherever you are.’
  • ‘My daughters regularly get into trouble for not being constantly contactable.’
  • ‘It is thought he is holidaying in the South African countryside, and is not contactable.’
  • ‘But who really benefits when the employee is always contactable for work through email?’
  • ‘He kept a contactable e-mail address and listing for emergencies.’