Definition of containable in English:



See contain

‘I am complicit, in the sense that I am trying to point out that everything is not containable, and everything is interconnected, and myths are being accepted as truth.’
  • ‘The man is deeply pro-nuclear: seeing the containable risks of peaceful nuclear power as preferable to the certain high levels of fossil fuel pollution we currently live with.’
  • ‘That sounded rather like wishful thinking, as if some of our seekers after evil would almost have welcomed the release of a small, containable, but suitably photogenic, cloud of poison gas in the desert.’
  • ‘Most virus diseases I believe would be containable moderately readily, once we know how they're transmitted.’
  • ‘They have called instead for an independent inquiry by an external investigator and warned that public anger in the area over the latest tragedy was now barely containable.’
  • ‘Its quite likely the financial costs would have been more containable and the company would not have lost touch with how public unease was slowly growing about its actions.’
  • ‘I think what we've had is some individual acts of theft, and they've been more than containable by the police and the National Guard.’
  • ‘Costs associated with the revised funding discussions will have a drag effect on earnings, but that was containable in the context of the current talks.’
  • ‘Thus what was containable in 357 B.C. had grown into something that by 338 was not.’
  • ‘As for the danger of a widely predicted political crisis within Labour's own ranks, that seems likely to be containable if the conflict goes as expected.’
  • ‘Like cancer, no longer seen as necessarily fatal, a nuclear strike is being discussed as though it were containable, survivable.’
  • ‘Yet the effects, even in a few American states, will be neither containable nor revocable.’
  • ‘Approaching without undue apprehension therefore, we pulled up into a scenario of barely containable triumph.’
  • ‘His restless ambition has never quite been containable within one government department, even the Treasury.’
  • ‘Horrible and shocking as the shootings on the first day were, there was still the possibility that they would be containable.’
  • ‘The divergence was containable, until the fall of the Iron Curtain.’
  • ‘So the overshoot seems hardly massive, and indeed eminently containable.’
  • ‘But with little ambition to go wide and a lack of composure when they tried to, they were containable.’
  • ‘The problem is that while the media likes maverick talents, it prefers them to be containable forces.’
  • ‘Moreover, rising wealth began to encourage a new view of poverty: instead of being seen as omnipresent and insoluble, poverty began to be understood as a measurable, containable, and consequently soluble problem.’
  • ‘These letters highlight two of the main positions adopted by both the individual and the government early on in the conflict: this was a war that was containable, winnable and could be resolved with some expediency.’



/kənˈtānəb(ə)l/ /kənˈteɪnəb(ə)l/