Definition of container port in English:

container port

Pronunciation /kənˈtānər pôrt/ /kənˈteɪnər pɔrt/

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  • A port which specializes in handling goods transported in containers.

    ‘The port is a container port to offload freight from ships too big to navigate the canal.’
    • ‘Felixstowe in Suffolk had become a specialist container port with excellent road links.’
    • ‘The Bathside Bay development centres on a new container port at Harwich, adjacent to the existing roll-on-roll-off port, which will have a capacity of 1.7 million containers each year.’
    • ‘Laem Chabang port, which has overtaken Bangkok port to become the largest container port in Thailand, is just 12 km away.’
    • ‘The container port appears slightly downstream from where the conventional port was, but only slightly.’
    • ‘A longtime tourist destination because of its beaches and historic district, Charleston also has a major container port that draws manufacturers and distributors.’
    • ‘Hong Kong, which relies on the mainland for 90 per cent of the exports flowing through its container port, is also a major transit centre for foreign foodstuffs destined for China.’
    • ‘A port spokeswoman said the present strike would cause major disruption as it affected both terminals at the biggest container port in the country.’
    • ‘If that is the case, it will be a serious blow to Southampton's international standing as the second-largest container port in the UK.’
    • ‘Following the discovery, a section of the major container port was sealed off as Bomb Squad officers joined Customs teams to examine the vehicle.’
    • ‘The officials took more than 10 years to accept that theirs would not be a major container port.’
    • ‘Docks' police say they have smashed a major cannabis-growing operation in a remote area of the sprawling container port.’
    • ‘The majority of the city's trade is through its container port.’
    • ‘In that case, containers were stolen from the container port with the connivance of employees of the terminal operator.’
    • ‘The railway will be principally carrying freight from Australia's south to a container port in Darwin in the north.’
    • ‘While the container port announcement came just after the organisation's annual review for 2003-04, it has been the most memorable event for bosses over the past few months.’
    • ‘Victoria also has Australia's only curfew free international airport and Australia's largest container port all linked to each other and the rest of Australia by a world-class transport road and rail network.’
    • ‘He added the council was concerned about ‘the conservation area and this huge container port, which will possibly sit alongside it, and how they will live together.’’
    • ‘Singapore is the second busiest container port in the world.’
    • ‘How is it that the planners and managers had not already implemented the single-user long-term terminal-lease model commonly found in major container ports?’