Definition of containerize in English:


(British containerise)

Pronunciation /kənˈtānəˌrīz/ /kənˈteɪnəˌraɪz/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Pack into or transport by container.

    ‘for sea shipments, containerize the cargo whenever possible’
    • ‘This means that about two-thirds of all containerized cargo is shipped in the 40-foot containers because they have twice the capacity.’
    • ‘The last bare root seedlings were lifted in 2000 and the nursery now grows only containerized seedlings in greenhouses.’
    • ‘So, once everything is neatly containerized it must be placed into the backpack in the right order.’
    • ‘Accurate data on the dimensions of the materiel being containerized are needed for planning and determining the right size and number of drawers and the compartment sizes for the required module configuration.’
    • ‘Another 3,500 tractor-trailer trips occur daily as containerized freight is moved between the yards.’
    • ‘Planting containerized seedlings is similar to planting bareroot seedlings.’
    • ‘They're containerized and preconfigured for easy movement by land, air and sea.’
    • ‘It is entirely containerized and was the last freight forwarder to utilize box cars.’
    • ‘The ships can be computer linked to logistics files at military stock points, and can transport roll-on/roll-off and containerised cargo for unit deployment and relocation, tactical resupply and sustained resupply.’
    • ‘Its main service is containerised cargo handling based on long-term contracts to operate terminals in ports.’
    • ‘Their house in Bexley will be packed up and containerised, bound for a cargo ship crossing, and they'll set sail on December 3.’
    • ‘Don't forget containerised specimens should be fed too, but use slow-release pellets for these.’
    • ‘In Britain, short-lived and intermediate wastes are safely contained in trenches of glacial clay compacted, containerized, and capped with water-resistant clay.’
    • ‘Contaminated laundry is to be bagged or containerized at the location where it was used.’
    • ‘Other risky consignments that are containerised are referred to inland ports for destination inspections while they offload at the importer's premises.’
    • ‘Everything, she said, would be containerised.’
    • ‘It enjoys hot, dry conditions, but is best planted in a blistering border than containerised on a sun-drenched patio or deck.’
    • ‘Approximately 15 percent of our containerized cargo volume moves by rail or barge out of the port.’
    • ‘Combination containerships are vessels that can offload a portion of their containerized cargo but depend on seaport equipment or floating cranes to offload the rest.’
    • ‘To attract flows of containerized cargoes, port authorities have to provide a minimum set of infrastructure attributes.’
  • 2Computing
    Run (a program or application) in a discrete environment set up within an operating system specifically for that purpose and allocated only essential resources.

    ‘organizations that have containerized their apps will see the financial benefit’
    • ‘When you don't containerize applications, the programmer needs to think about the operating system, the patch levels, the security and everything else that goes around it.’
    • ‘If I can containerize most of my applications and I can move them from cloud to cloud, why wouldn't I do that?’
    • ‘We started working with Microsoft five years ago to containerize Windows Server applications.’
    • ‘As a way to containerize applications in a cloud environment, the system offers a lot of flexibility.’
    • ‘he program provides customers with a way to containerize legacy applications.’
    • ‘For application migrations, enterprises may be able to containerize legacy workloads without needing to rewrite existing applications.’
    • ‘ Containerizing older software means it can more easily connect to other modern systems and web services.’
    • ‘We all know that containerizing Java applications is anything but simple.’
    • ‘ Containerizing most applications on a container platform will require no code changes.’
    • ‘Containerizing your development environment enables your service to run in the exact same environment everywhere.’