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  • A polluting or poisonous substance that makes something impure.

    ‘people were exposed to airborne contaminants’
    • ‘The agency has established maximum levels for a number of potential contaminants.’
    • ‘Currently, public water supplies are tested for approximately 95 different contaminants.’
    • ‘Approval must be obtained for each specific contaminant.’
    • ‘An approved laboratory might not be approved to test for all potential drinking water contaminants.’
    • ‘In rare cases, hydrogen sulfide odor may be from sewage pollution, which can contain disease-producing contaminants.’
    • ‘Other high-tech materials, such as carpet that can neutralize contaminants, are under investigation.’
    • ‘The district will purchase additional contaminant-monitoring equipment and instrumentation and beef up physical security at water filtration plants.’
    • ‘It's difficult to add enough of a chemical contaminant to be a threat.’
    • ‘Closing off air intakes can reduce a system's ability to purge contaminants.’
    • ‘A piece of contaminant broke loose from somewhere and destroyed the main hydraulic valve.’



/kənˈtamənənt/ /kənˈtæmənənt/