Definition of contemplatively in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈtemplədivlē/ /kənˈtɛmplədɪvli/

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‘Please don't expect here for every word to make immediate sense, I would ask you simply to close your eyes, to listen meditatively, contemplatively, to let the imagery just wash and flow over you.’
  • ‘He discussed how to read prophetically, how to read contemplatively.’
  • ‘Chrystyn looked at her retreating back contemplatively, her face thoughtful.’
  • ‘He placed his hands together in front of his mouth, sitting contemplatively in thought.’
  • ‘In one of her last paintings, Kahlo depicts herself seated contemplatively beneath an enormous portrait of a benign and fatherly Stalin.’
  • ‘Day before yesterday at the bookstore as R. leafed through a cooking magazine, I sipped my latte and watched a woman seated across the room writing contemplatively in her journal.’
  • ‘But before we thoroughly romanticize those golden aromatic days, it's worth recalling a pipe-smoker who puffed contemplatively while overseeing the deaths of millions.’
  • ‘Certainly not a presiding consciousness, since it does not contemplatively possess these necessarily antagonistic, mutually relative worlds.’
  • ‘Their subtly coloured installations on the wall contemplatively question the measured cages of societal restraint on a personal level by dissecting sections of life and examining them.’
  • ‘Holding it up by its thin length of braided cord, he examined it contemplatively, its yellow stone glinting in the dim candlelight that illuminated the loomhouse.’
  • ‘She was actually staring contemplatively at Luc.’
  • ‘Michael chewed contemplatively on his toothpick.’
  • ‘Sir Jeffery replied, closing his eyes contemplatively.’
  • ‘Lexa watched for a few more moments, then shook her head, smiling, and moved back, away from the window, regarding it contemplatively.’
  • ‘Turning around as though a sudden thought had struck him, he tapped a finger to his chin contemplatively as he regarded Caroline and Melinda.’
  • ‘Instead, I seated myself behind the girl and sipped my drink contemplatively, waiting for the right opportunity.’
  • ‘I chew slowly and contemplatively, remembering and mourning Cameron.’
  • ‘Absentmindedly she stirred her curdling hot chocolate, staring into its deep brown depths contemplatively.’
  • ‘Sam chewed contemplatively on her spoonful of lukewarm bean-and-asparagus stew, imagining what it would be like to be a graduated member of the League.’
  • ‘In the laundry room, I stared at it contemplatively for about a minute.’