Definition of contemporarily in English:


Pronunciation /kənˌtempəˈre(ə)rəlē/


See contemporary

‘Marguerite must be secure enough in her technique to approach the role contemporarily, with a little more of a rounded back and modern dancer's flow and line.’
  • ‘Key to Avary's vision is a sense of time; he manages to set this very '80s bit of work contemporarily, while still making it all seem very nostalgic.’
  • ‘This smooth, contemporarily designed jukebox won several ‘Best of Audio’ awards when it was introduced this year.’
  • ‘Newman seems to refute the idea that we're mere meat puppets, whether it be God jerking our strings or, more contemporarily, we're at the mercy of our genes and hormones.’
  • ‘Curiously enough you also get the bowler hat worn contemporarily by women in Bolivia.’