Definition of contingency table in English:

contingency table

Pronunciation /kənˈtinjənsē ˌtābəl/ /kənˈtɪndʒənsi ˌteɪbəl/


  • A table showing the distribution of one variable in rows and another in columns, used to study the association between the two variables.

    ‘A contingency table was used to test the null hypothesis that the sex ratio was independent of habitat.’
    • ‘In the contingency table for the full 24-class vegetation classification, two types of mismatches (errors in the traditional assessment) are highlighted.’
    • ‘A two-by-two contingency table showed a significantly higher proportion of relapses among clinics on the Hong Kong Island.’
    • ‘In a few cases, where the single-factor logistic regressions yielded poor fit, the data were analyzed with a two-factor contingency table.’
    • ‘Here is the contingency table for tomorrow, which shows basically the same pattern that we've seen before.’