Definition of continuous wave in English:

continuous wave

Pronunciation /kənˈtinyəwəs wāv/ /kənˈtɪnjəwəs weɪv/


  • An electromagnetic wave, especially a radio wave, having a constant amplitude.

    as modifier ‘continuous-wave radio communication’
    • ‘Pulse radars emit a short, intense burst of radio energy, while continuous-wave radars emit a steady signal.’
    • ‘The continuous-wave pump power is directly converted into pulsed power without control electronics or active elements in the cavity.’
    • ‘The advantage of this sensor is that it can make a measurement of M in a single frame, allowing single-shot characterization of pulsed lasers, or dynamic monitoring of continuous-wave lasers during warm-up.’
    • ‘Their experiment used an S-shaped silicon waveguide pumped with pulses from an external-cavity, continuous-wave diode laser operating at 1.536 m.’
    • ‘‘What our aim is, of course, is continuous-wave operation,’ says Porowski.’