Definition of contour plowing in English:

contour plowing


  • Plowing along the contours of the land in order to minimize soil erosion.

    ‘Educators need the equivalent of the tractor, contour plowing, and hybridization.’
    • ‘Programmes were instituted to fill dongas, build contour banks, and promote contour ploughing.’
    • ‘Jefferson was aware of the problem, and tried to mitigate it by what we would term contour ploughing on his hilly estate.’
    • ‘This can be eliminated to a major extent if contour ploughing and contour sowing is taken up.’
    • ‘In this case, it should consist of contour ploughing on a narrow band of sloping land.’
    • ‘The furrows left by the plow in contour plowing act as small terraces which prevent runoff from carrying soil away.’
    • ‘As well as using contour grass barriers and contour ploughing, farmers have been experimenting with green manures.’
    • ‘Good gravel extraction methods are required for downstream rivers, and farmers are using contour plowing and terracing to slow the overall movement of water and soil.’
    • ‘As noted, contour plowing of fields and contour furrows on grassland improved water retention and prevented runoff.’
    • ‘Actual erosion and land degradation hardly occurs on rainfed arable cropping areas with grass strips and where contour ploughing is practiced.’
    • ‘The second part deals with methods to improve water infiltration and storage, including contour ploughing, mulching and cover crops.’
    • ‘Examples might be contour plowing, where the contour needs to be re-established periodically, or delayed haying for nesting birds, which reduces forage value.’
    • ‘Crop rotation, contour plowing, and the careful use of fertilizers and pest controls increased productivity, but the same techniques made it easier for bigger farms to become even more productive.’
    • ‘In contour plowing, the plowman plows perpendicular not parallel to slopes.’
    • ‘A disadvantage is that contour ploughing is unsuited to heavy soils (with high clay content and low infiltration rates), in districts subject to intense rain.’
    • ‘Many terraces were constructed and most farmers adopted contour plowing.’
    • ‘Farmers can help to prevent nitrogen pollution by contour plowing.’