Definition of contractural in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈtrak(t)SHərəl/ /kənˈtræk(t)ʃərəl/


  • 1Medicine
    Relating to or involving contracture.

    • ‘Upstream mutations that result in partial exon skipping have been reported previously, including in the human autosomal dominant disorder congenital contractural arachnodactyly.’
  • 2

    another term for contractual

    ‘As previously reported, the date for its opening is said to be December, several months later than the company anticipated, although the contractural opening date is March 2004.’
    • ‘But thanks to an oddball contractural agreement, the show has been playing in the UK since last fall, and the episodes aren't terribly hard to find online.’
    • ‘I've heard, though, that a lot of title designers find the genre very challenging - insufficient compensation, debilitating legal and contractural restrictions, and general lack of respect.’
    • ‘Total contractural foreign investment at the end of the month was US $6.53 billion, while actual foreign investment was US $4.7 billion, he said.’
    • ‘This time, millionaire owners and millionaire players can't agree on a few contractural issue.’
    • ‘Funding priority within the organisation is now being given to projects where there are contractural obligations.’
    • ‘Contractual and career obligations create uncertainty about player loyalties, as professional athletes jockey for career advancement, taxation advantages and contractural stability in the short period they have in the limelight.’
    • ‘Although he took a writing credit on each song, Clark didn't actually compose; rather, his name was on the songs as a contractural obligation with the members of the group.’
    • ‘He exercised his contractural right to demand a trade, but he might opt to return rather than forfeit his existing contract by choosing free agency.’