Definition of contradance in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkäntrəˌdans/ /ˈkɑntrəˌdæns/


  • A country dance in which the couples form lines facing each other.

    ‘These four contradances were written in Salzburg in January of 1780 for Count Johann Rudolf Czernin.’
    • ‘People have been organizing contradances in Winston-Salem since the early 1980s.’
    • ‘This versatile group is equally at home playing for concerts, contradances, or Cajun dances.’
    • ‘Father and daughter John Wobus and Megan Wobus Beller have been playing contradances together for more than a decade.’
    • ‘She began playing contradances while in high school, went on to Eastman School of Music, and now performs and teaches fiddle and violin in the Rochester area.’
    • ‘The etiquette at contradances is that for every dance people generally change partners and dance with someone else, even if you do come with a partner.’
    • ‘Music at a contradance is both live and lively, and is provided by a small band which typically has one or two fiddles, a piano, and maybe a guitar, flute, tin whistle, or hammered dulcimer.’
    • ‘They perform frequently at weddings, coffeehouses, parties, and cafés throughout central New York, and for contradances across the country.’
    • ‘We can provide sound for contradances that we play at, as well as other functions… and we can also hire ourselves out to do sound for other people.’
    • ‘A free beginners’ orientation session is offered at 7:30 pm for all Friday and Saturday contradances and for the Wednesday English dances.’
    • ‘Now living in Ithaca, NY, Kathy plays for contradances and English country dances and also performs at concerts, festivals and coffeehouses.’
    • ‘When I moved to California in 1981, I found that the New England dancing I enjoyed was not being called so in San Francisco - the contradances were ‘California style’.’


Early 19th century variant of contredanse.