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  • 1Logic
    Contrary opposition.

    ‘Does the sentence express a sort of opposition, either contradiction or contrariety etc.?’
    • ‘The four that can attain this mark, because they depend solely upon the intrinsic properties of ideas, are resemblance, contrariety, degrees in quality, and proportions in quantity or number.’
    • ‘There is a choice of contraries without very well settled modes of appropriation: standing for different degrees of contrariety.’
    • ‘Taking his cue again from Blake rather than Hegel, Prynne argues that contrariety is not the same thing as opposition.’
    dissimilarity, contrast, distinction, distinctness, differentiation
  • 2Opposition or inconsistency between two or more things.

    ‘questions that involved much contrariety of opinion’
    • ‘If environmentalist opposition groups fail to understand that, and their misconceived contrariety prevails to the point where this town loses the chance for this university campus, their credibility will suffer a mortal blow.’
    • ‘Examples such as this of contrariety within religion can be seen by the years of long debate and argument which have taken place and continue to take place between scholars and theologians alike.’
    • ‘‘Without contrariety there is no progression,’ William Blake wrote.’
    • ‘This is connected to his distaste for any hint of social determinism, and his eulogising of the essay format as the most suitable means of conveying human contrariety.’
    • ‘Submission to the fundamental contrariety of human nature amounts to an acceptance of the fact that the psyche is at cross purposes with itself.’
    • ‘Indeed the contrariety of individuals often means precisely that we can only get at the institutions which individuals pass through.’
    unpredictability, inconstancy, lack of consistency, changeableness, variability, instability, irregularity, unevenness, unsteadiness



/ˌkäntrəˈrīədē/ /ˌkɑntrəˈraɪədi/


Late Middle English from Old French contrariete, from late Latin contrarietas, from contrarius (see contrary).