Definition of convection cell in English:

convection cell

Pronunciation /kənˈvekSHən sel/ /kənˈvɛkʃən sɛl/


  • A self-contained convective zone in a fluid in which upward motion of warmer fluid in the center is balanced by downward motion of cooler fluid at the periphery.

    ‘This cycle is repeated over and over to generate what scientists call a convection cell or convective flow.’
    • ‘The circular current that results is called a convection cell.’
    • ‘Does the mantle contain two sets of convection cells of fluid rock or only one?’
    • ‘He explained that the compression waves are most likely caused by two things: the oscillation of the sun itself, and convection cells - areas of rising and falling solar matter.’
    • ‘The convection cells that set up disrupt the boundary layer at the earth's surface, carrying air up from the surface and bringing it down from the upper layers which are carrying the wind.’