Definition of converted rice in English:

converted rice

Pronunciation /kənˈvərdəd rīs/ /kənˈvərdəd raɪs/


Trademark ; North American
  • White rice prepared from brown rice that has been soaked, steamed under pressure, and then dried and milled.

    ‘This is a sausage and rice casserole recipe made with bulk sausage, converted rice and vegetables.’
    • ‘If you prepare the risotto with regular converted rice, you may not need to use all of the broth.’
    • ‘Because of the cooking method, converted rice is actually slightly more nutritious than regular white rice.’
    • ‘This process leaves some B vitamins inside the converted rice even though the manufacturers remove the outside layers, but this version is still not your best choice.’
    • ‘Do not confuse converted rice with instant.’