Definition of converter in English:


(also convertor)


  • 1A person or thing that converts something.

    ‘the would-be converter of a building to domestic use’
    • ‘But preaching to the converters is not going to help in the Midwest.’
    • ‘So the advertising campaigns along with the delivery of the euro converters has been one of the board's greatest successes’
    • ‘Armed with his euro convertor from the wee hours yesterday morning, no barman was going to pull the wool over his eyes.’
    • ‘He added ‘It is a matter of making the effort to understand the new scale of values in euro and metric terms, with the help of various ready reckoners and euro converters available.’’
    • ‘Most self-builders and converters are first timers.’
    • ‘Most of the customers are equipped with euro converters and know exactly how much their money is worth and how much they are spending.’
    • ‘And the thing is, modern cities are shot through with running water, all of which could be outfitted with converters to turn our plumbing into a new source of energy.’
    • ‘They produce good quality milk, are good on their feet and are good converters of forage, which is essential in an organic context.’
    • ‘These metals are gaining in popularity for use in jewelry and are also important in manufacturing auto converters that reduce pollution.’
    • ‘The devices have not been used on cranes and concrete mixers because white smoke was emitted during testing certain kinds of converters.’
    • ‘If possible, choose the latter as converters add their own problems.’
    • ‘Cash converters take the principle a step further, in that customers actually sell goods to the shop and then buy them back some time later.’
    • ‘Central testing at Tully is unique in that it can identify those bulls that are efficient feed converters.’
    • ‘The rhetoric now divides the party between the converters and the persuaders.’
    • ‘Does anyone know of a converter that lets them burn CDs without the extra time?’
    • ‘Their water converter broke on day two and they only had 40 days worth of supplies.’
    • ‘The world's first full scale wave converter has been completed and is set to arrive in Orkney on Thursday.’
    • ‘She is the most efficient converter of forage to milk and of course this is a holstein.’
    • ‘The raw material is usually melted in a cupola and weighed amounts charged into the converter.’
    evangelist, apostle, proselytizer, preacher, televangelist, minister, priest
    1. 1.1A device for altering the nature of an electric current or signal, especially from AC to DC or vice versa, or from analogue to digital or vice versa.
      • ‘In such a case, we must amplify the photocurrent to a level that can be converted to a digital signal by an analog-to-digital converter.’
      • ‘The digital filter output data is converted to a current-mode analog waveform by a digital-to-analog converter.’
      • ‘What's more, the industry has switched its focus from offering high-end boxes that do everything but cook dinner to more rudimentary, less expensive converters that can deliver digital signals and elementary interactive services.’
      • ‘Since a low-capacity sub DC-DC converter supplies the dark current, the battery discharge can be prevented.’
      • ‘In the early days of analog, the customer interface device was called a converter.’
      • ‘It requires copying the video to a digital file on the computer using an analog converter.’
      • ‘Both instruments have an analog-to-digital converter that samples the signal and converts the voltage level to a number.’
      • ‘On the other hand, the two-piece device comes into two separate systems - a converter and a cable descrambler which are interconnected and serve the same scope.’
      • ‘Although the DC / DC converter has a large current consumption of its own, it has a high power conversion efficiency.’
      • ‘In addition, you will probably have to invest in a microphone that is specially equipped with an analog-to-digital converter and a USB connector.’
      • ‘The structure has possible uses as a transistor or wavelength converter in optical circuits.’
      • ‘One common-sense suggestion from Marines was to make power converters a standard part of an electrician's equipment so local power could be converted for field use.’
      • ‘Despite recent advances, traditional analog-to-digital converters are still not fast enough to capture these lightning-quick waveforms.’
      • ‘The key to digital recording is analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters.’
      • ‘To keep the battery charged, an electric car needs a DC-to-DC converter.’
      • ‘The controller additionally provides a charging system for the batteries, and a DC-to-DC converter to recharge the 12-volt accessory battery.’
      • ‘All units have their own on-board microprocessors, power convertors and clock recovery circuits.’
      • ‘On the way back, I figured the same thing would happen, packed the convertor in my checked luggage, and then discovered I was in a seat that was, in fact, equipped with an outlet.’
      • ‘I doubt I will need to charge more than one at once, but I heard something about the converters being imperfect.’
      • ‘Setting up the hardware is simple (presuming you've already got that broadband router) as you just have to plug the phone into the converter and the converter into your router - there isn't even any software to install.’
    2. 1.2A retort used in steel-making.
      ‘An assistant swung the converter back into the crucible, leaving the smith free to turn his attention to the liquid steel in the mould.’
      ‘The mathematical modeling of the process of a supersonic oxygen jet interaction with the surface of a liquid metal in a steel-making converter was carried out.’
    3. 1.3
      • ‘Combining the attributes of two complimentary energy converters yields significant mileage and emissions gains, particularly in urban driving.’
      • ‘The other features to look for in a catalytic converter are heavy gauge construction, proper heat shielding around the converter, and ‘high flow’ design.’
      • ‘The information contained in the mark includes the converter's precise build time, date, and manufacturing process parameters.’
      • ‘Assuming that the converter had separated internally and was intermittently plugging the exhaust outlet, a new unit was installed.’
      • ‘‘The converters are the same providing they are for the same model application,’ explains one of the companies.’
      • ‘The new converters are mounted closer to the exhaust manifold for quicker lightoff and reduced cold-start emissions.’
      • ‘Because of this, the structure of these converters are quite complex although easy to understand.’
      • ‘However, these converters do not last for very long, and so after a while cars will be polluting without the driver even knowing!’
      • ‘‘Though a dual-plane is often the best choice for the street, a single-plane will work if the car is light and has lots of gear or a loose converter,’ said Wilson.’
      • ‘Such richness in the fuel-to-air ratio would also cause the catalytic converter to run hotter than normal, a condition that may lead to the eventual failure of the converter.’
      • ‘The main role of the converter is to take the gases that are produced by the engine and transform them in less toxic gases that are more ecological.’
      • ‘This is achieved through a catalyst, usually rhodium or platinum that lines the inside of the converter.’
      • ‘It is a mixture of silicon and aluminum so as to make the converter more efficient.’
      • ‘One made of stainless steel will help you avoid damages to your converter.’
      • ‘Its speed can be influenced by the waste-gate valve, which is controlled by the pressure-driven converter.’
      • ‘Fitting converters was a requirement for new cars in Europe, America and Japan from the early 1980s, so Neil bought an imported Japanese car.’
    4. 1.4Computing A program that converts data from one format to another.
      • ‘Adding another programmer means you have time to implement more features, optimize and debug code, make file format converters, and other things which get you more customers.’
      • ‘The gap between HTML and PDF has been bridged by an advanced PDF to HTML converter in recent data visualization software.’
      • ‘Oh, and if it's got an audio file format converter thrown in too, so much the better.’
      • ‘First, does anyone know of a PDF to HTML converter that works under Linux?’
      • ‘Any other formats have to be converted using a file converter.’
    5. 1.5A camera lens which changes the focal length of another lens by a set amount.
      ‘a camera fitted with a x2 converter’
      • ‘The solid, fixed converter lens and/or accessory mount with its small, 28 mm threaded ring creates an immediate link to an idea few other manufacturers have exploited, and none as well as Nikon.’
      • ‘Most major camera manufacturers produce a range of lens converters to increase the flexibility of the camera's fixed lens.’