Definition of convexo-convex in English:


Pronunciation /kənˌveksō ˈkänveks/ /kənˌvɛksoʊ ˈkɑnvɛks/


another term for biconvex
‘By the combination of several convexo-convex lens and convexoplane lenses and fluorescent mirror, the natural light can be absorbed, condensed and filtered to illuminate the inside of a room.’
  • ‘Now, if we take two convexo-convex pieces of linen material and sew them together, you would have the exact, small hilled, convex cap every priest wore when they served Yahweh.’
  • ‘Calculations are made on the position shifts of several low-order ghost images arising from spacious reflections at surfaces defining an isolated convexo-convex lens, concavo-concave lens, and optics forming the so-called 4F system.’
  • ‘This cut-off substance forms itself (according to circumstances) into lenticular shapes of various forms, such as double convex or convexo-convex, double concave or concavo-concave, piano-concave and piano-convex, diverging meniscus, and converging meniscus.’