Definition of conveyor belt in English:

conveyor belt


  • A continuous moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for transporting objects from one place to another.

    ‘a baggage conveyor belt’
    ‘goods are assembled on a moving conveyor belt’
    ‘the conveyor belt of education’
    • ‘These people get a thrill from watching their items travel down the conveyor belt.’
    • ‘That means lifting young people off the conveyor belt to crime.’
    • ‘One of these ads shows a woman in tight jeans and heels struggling to lift her suitcase off an airport conveyor belt.’
    • ‘A person had to place his luggage on the conveyor belt before he went through a metal detector.’
    • ‘There is the sound of grinding metal, but it holds - the conveyor belt has stopped!’
    • ‘I was expected to empty a conveyor belt of pastry cases, discard the dodgy-looking ones and line the others up neatly on baking trays.’
    • ‘Frank sees himself as entrenched on the conveyor belt of American industrial agriculture.’
    • ‘She carried on putting her shopping on the conveyor belt.’
    • ‘Suddenly the academy is not a conveyor belt of brilliance.’
    • ‘Almost 20 years ago, when Meg was winning a Commonwealth title, there was a conveyor belt of Scottish coaches.’
    • ‘Rolling up his sleeves, handling tuna on the factory conveyor belt and urging workers on are not beneath this boss.’
    • ‘This from a man who has slept on a rubbish-laden conveyor belt in Sweden to prevent the incineration of garbage.’
    • ‘He stared up at the ceiling and groped absently at the conveyor belt.’
    • ‘As the tunnel is drilled underground, rock will be removed with a conveyor belt and brought back to the surface.’
    • ‘For some reason this annoys the checkout staff when they find the same items dotted about elsewhere on the conveyor belt a little later on.’
    • ‘There is a huge conveyor belt where bottles can be sorted by hand: and a magnet to separate out steel and aluminium cans.’
    • ‘We are not into churning out pupils like sausages on a conveyor belt.’
    • ‘When my father and I started to put the goods on the conveyor belt, a friend of the lady serving arrived and they began to talk.’
    • ‘You've only got one prize to pick and you know there are, say, 30 prizes on the conveyor belt.’
    • ‘His dining partner said he should think about opening a restaurant that served raw fish on a conveyor belt.’
    band, loop, hoop, thong


conveyor belt

/kənˈveɪjə ˌbɛlt/