Definition of convolute in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkänvəˌlo͞ot/ /ˈkɑnvəˌlut/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Make (an argument, story, etc.) complex and difficult to follow.

    ‘According to the most simple model, each species is accounted for by a mono-exponential decay function that is convoluted with the respective instrument response function (IRF).’
    • ‘The data was therefore convoluted with a profile that mimics the image of a microtubule to filter out the vertical coordinate.’
    • ‘Sula challenges us to reconsider how histories of tops and bottoms, ups and downs within American social structures become convoluted into the ironic hierarchies and differences in African American society.’
    • ‘The portrayal of characters, with a few notable exceptions, further convoluted any understanding of the spirit and emotion behind this tale.’
    • ‘Mascara is a movie that wants to say something deep and profound about young women in a society that has convoluted the rules as to what makes them female.’


  • Rolled longitudinally upon itself, as a leaf in the bud.