Definition of Cook's tourist in English:

Cook's tourist


  • 1A holidaymaker who travels on a tour organized by Thomas Cook or his travel agency (frequently in similative and allusive use). Also more generally: a holidaymaker; a tourist. In early use, often somewhat depreciative. Now chiefly historical.

  • 2Military
    slang (usually depreciative or derogatory). A member of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps expeditionary force in the First World War (1914–18); (later) a soldier of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the Second World War (1939–45). In later use historical.


Cook's tourist

/ˌkʊks ˈtʊərɪst/ /ˌkʊks ˈtɔːrɪst/


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Macmillan's Magazine. From Cook's tour + -ist, after tourist.