Definition of cook someone's goose in English:

cook someone's goose


  • Cause someone's downfall.

    • ‘I've got enough on you to cook your goose’
    • ‘Many believe the city's financial problems have cooked his goose.’
    • ‘Revelation inevitably turned to revolution in 1789, as generous helpings of liberté, égalité and fraternité cooked the king 's goose.’
    • ‘But Australia does have immense, hot cultural strength and flaming pride and we will cook his goose with it.’
    • ‘In a small rural district, a couple of kids having an off day can cook a school's goose.’
    • ‘A loss to Spain and a draw with South Africa seemed to have cooked their goose, but they somehow managed to scrape through to the last 16.’
    • ‘Long before our cyclists left for Malaysia, they - or rather the officials - had cooked their goose.’
    • ‘That 100% accurate guarantee part was what cooked my goose in the end, but the times were good for over seven years.’
    • ‘That cooked my goose in the birthplace of selective democracy.’
    wreck, ruin, spoil, disrupt, undo, upset, play havoc with, make a mess of, put an end to, end, bring to an end, put a stop to, terminate, prevent, frustrate, blight, crush, quell, quash, dash, scotch, shatter, vitiate, blast, devastate, demolish, sabotage, torpedo