Definition of cookery in English:



mass nounBritish
  • The practice or skill of preparing and cooking food.

    ‘Italian regional cookery’
    as modifier ‘cookery writers’
    ‘a cordon bleu cookery course’
    • ‘She successfully completed a Cordon Bleu cookery course earlier this year.’
    • ‘Competitors had to display their creative tasks in carpentry, craft, cookery and computer skills.’
    • ‘The participants in cookery had to prepare four varieties of food.’
    • ‘As well as anger management classes, they take lessons on cookery and childcare skills.’
    • ‘It wasn't just a hospital but a place where they were taught skills like cookery and crafts.’
    • ‘I am indebted to Scottish cookery writer, Sue Lawrence, for this recipe.’
    • ‘There was a great turnout on their first night back and a full timetable of events has been planned, such as cookery classes and beauty courses.’
    • ‘Those who take cookery courses come from all backgrounds.’
    • ‘Students learn everything from cookery to business management and are normally school leavers looking to move into the tourism industry.’
    • ‘What makes it worse is that school children get almost no other teaching about food or cookery.’
    • ‘I have completed courses in dressmaking, cookery, flower arranging and painting.’
    • ‘The new days would fit in with planned activities including cookery demonstrations and a pensioners' luncheon club.’
    • ‘Known for his love of good wine as well as good food, he has written many books and presented more than a dozen TV cookery programmes.’
    • ‘He was spotted by a TV producer and went on to make 19 series of television cookery programmes’
    • ‘As part of the hotel's entertainment programme, cookery demonstrations are staged throughout the year.’
    • ‘Maybe there is a commercial opportunity for Italian cookery lessons here!’
    • ‘Further-more, if you miss one cookery programme, there is always another one along in a moment.’
    • ‘And like all cookery shows, it also gave the impression that cooking is done without cleaning.’
    • ‘So check out what the best cookery courses in the UK and overseas have to offer.’
    • ‘The library also has a wide range of titles on gardening, cookery, history, computers, biography and travel.’