Definition of cookie jar in English:

cookie jar


North American
  • A jar to hold cookies.

    • ‘There were always Oreos (my uncle's favorite) in the mouse-shaped cookie jar (which I now have).’
    • ‘But, who's about to steal the cookies from your cookie jar?’
    • ‘We didn't know what to get you, so we just got you a cookie jar.’
    • ‘When I buy a bag of Oreos, a Kraft product, I eat a few of them and put the rest in the cookie jar for another time.’
    • ‘We can't control whether there's a McDonald's on the corner, but we can control whether we have potato chips sitting on the counter or ice cream in the freezer or cookies in the cookie jar.’
    • ‘I grabbed the cookie jar and was just about to put a hand inside when I heard my little brother, ‘Mom says not to eat cookies before dinner.’’
    • ‘He had always kept her little secrets of stealing cookies from the cookie jar or spilling juice on the carpet.’
    • ‘Mom nodded, and the two of us bolted from there, away from the kitchen, but not before grabbing some Oreos out of the cookie jar.’
    • ‘Shivering slightly in the night chill that pervaded the small room, he crossed soundlessly to the cookie jar, slipping the lid off with a soft clink of the ceramic lid.’
    • ‘It's like a guilty youngster complaining that there's only one cookie left-all to divert attention from the fact that he looted the cookie jar earlier that day.’
    • ‘When I was a child my mother used to play a game with me that included a song that would ask ‘Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?’’
    • ‘Then, I went to the cupboard and grabbed the cookie jar.’
    • ‘Snuggle under a downy duvet, relax by the woodstove with a bottomless cookie jar by your side, or soak in the private hot tub on your cabin's secluded porch.’
    • ‘I think there are a few cookies left in the cookie jar.’
    • ‘His sons were notorious for midnight raids on the cookie jar.’
    • ‘Sure enough, he walked to the cookie jar and took out a handful.’
    • ‘Her dark eyes glittered, much like the eyes of the five-year-old boy, who just discovered how to open the cookie jar.’
    • ‘She watched as he went over to the cookie jar and took one out.’
    • ‘She had a funny look on her face, like a naughty child who's just been found stealing cookies from the cookie jar before dinner.’
    • ‘For lots of people who feel down, the cookie jar is a best friend.’


    with one's hand in the cookie jar
    North American
    • Engaged in surreptitious theft from one's employer.

      ‘they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar’
      • ‘Abuse would require a wider circle of cooperation, and so increase the likelihood that an overzealous agent would be caught with his hand in the cookie jar by a supervisor.’
      • ‘When was the last time a politician shocked us for reasons other than being caught with his pants down or his hand in the public cookie jar?’


cookie jar

/ˈkʊki dʒɑr/