Definition of cookware in English:



  • Pots, pans, or dishes for cooking food.

    ‘cast-iron cookware’
    • ‘To protect yourself, determine what your cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, and utensils are made of; you'll probably need to contact the manufacturer to check.’
    • ‘Invest in nonstick cookware to sauté or brown foods so that you don't need to add fat, such as vegetable oil or butter.’
    • ‘The material is now used in a host of products ranging from kitchen cookware to baking sprays to stain repellents used for fabrics and textiles.’
    • ‘Cooking these meals in cast-iron cookware provides an additional iron boost.’
    • ‘Dishes and cookware, for example, would come in handy.’
    • ‘The counters were covered with dirty dishes and cookware.’
    • ‘If you are short on cabinet space but have plenty of wall space, try using an old bureau to store canned goods, towels or extra dishes and cookware.’
    • ‘Myth 1: Non-stick cookware can't stand high temperatures’
    • ‘"Today, no one shows any interest in non-stick cookware, " he said.’
    • ‘Kitchen pots should be made of copper, steel or cast iron - cookware tends to be large and plain.’
    • ‘Glass ceramics are used for range tops, counter tops, dinnerware, and cookware.’
    • ‘Never cook on high heat with stainless cookware.’
    • ‘Now cooks have access to a vast range of cookware.’
    • ‘However, some new metal cookware is specially configured for use in microwave ovens.’
    • ‘The owner of this Seattle kitchen is an avid chef, with a large collection of cookware and plates.’
    • ‘My grandfather had made domestic pots and I'd been thinking about making cookware for years.’
    • ‘He has his own line of cookware, has written multiple books in many languages, consults for many restaurants, and endorses a line of prepared foods and sauces - the list goes on and on.’
    • ‘Bringing cookware and utensils from home saves money, but for about $50, you can outfit your outdoor kitchen with a generous selection of basics.’
    • ‘And speaking of shopping, many stores will be giving out discount certificates for holiday shopping on most cookware throughout their stores.’
    • ‘Wash or disinfect your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and clean cookware and utensils thoroughly with soap and water.’



/ˈko͝okˌwer/ /ˈkʊkˌwɛr/